Article written by Euskampus members published in Times Higher Education THE.

The prestigious publication Times Higher Education publishes the  article "Defining impact: a shift in thinking, acting and being", written by Igor Campillo, Iñigo Puertas and Glória Nuñez, all members of Euskampus.


Just a couple of weeks before the international encounter ENLIGHT Impact Conference at Bilbao, on 30-31 March, Times Higher Education THE releases the article written in collaboration by the director of Euskampus Fundazioa, Igor Campillo, together with two of his team members: Iñigo Puertas, Impact Manager and Glória Nuñez, Responsible for Internationalization.

ENLIGHT is a European University Alliance aiming to promote equitable quality of life, sustainability and global engagement through Higher Education transformation.

"What is impact? What do we mean by impact? And, more importantly, how do universities foster and measure it?" The authors give us a plan to raise impact awareness, literacy and readiness. Impact is ata the core of the ENLIGHT mission and one of its distinctive features. ENLIGHT seeks to promote an impact-based culture both within and beyond ENLIGHT universities, including the promotion of a model of good practice pf impact-directted management.

Some of the quotations to highlight in this article:

"Universities cannot be ivory towers any more; they need to pay attention to the long-term effects of their activity and stimulate new modes of operation - new ways of teaching, open science, open innovation, openness to their communities - that ensure a positive impact, whether that's on society, the economy or the environment".

"Impact is defined as the effect or change over time that we can see, demonstrate, measure or capture on different stakeholders, and which happens as a result of an activity or an organisation. Although not exclusively so, impact is intrinsically linked to transformative programmes and projects, and the assessment of impact helps us to identify the changes and effects, and their extent, on different stakeholders over time".

All authors are speakers at the Enlight Impact Conference on 30-31 March 2023, in Bilbao. The authors reflect on the concept of impact in the higher education context, where "impact can be understood as effect or change we can see beyond academia, ultimately aiming at producing a radical change in the mission of universities, moving from knowledge producers and transmitters towards tapping the potential of knowledge as transformative force and becoming globally engaged chanbe-makers".

The ENLIGHT Impact Conference will bring international leading impact experts in – and outside the academic ecosystem to exchange and discuss approaches for embedding impact within Universities full spectrum of activities, being in education, in research, in innovation or in societal engagement related activities.

Read the full article first published at Times Higher Education THE.



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