KSIgune is a cluster based around the cultural and creative industries in the Basque Country.

About KSIgune

It promotes and supports the development of training and transfer projects based on cooperation between Higher Education centres and agents of the Basque cultural and creative sectors.

The strategies of the Deputy Ministry of Universities and Research of the Basque Government's Department of Education (University-Business Strategy) and of the Deputy Ministry of Culture of the Basque Government (RIS3 Euskadi Creativa) come together in KSIgune to...

... highlight the richness of the Basque Culture and Creativity ecosystem nodes: Academia, Business, Administrations, etc.

... favouring cooperation between them and with other sectors, and

... enhancing their contribution to society.

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KSIgune in numbers

28 Faculties and Schools

5 Universities and 6 Higher Education Centres

3233 Teaching and Research staff

22 Connection Projects

19 Participant Entities

287 Mobilised students

Euskampus isotipe

KSIgune Ecosystem

The following centres, faculties and institutions make up the KSIgune Ecosystem: