Past programmes

Past programmes

University Business Forum

Physical proximity, which enables regular face-to-face communication, is a key factor that builds up the trust necessary for knowledge exchange, interactive learning, collaboration and innovation. Trans-border collaborations and interactions provide the ideal environment for building up rich innovation ecosystems, since they sustain a carefully calibrated balance in which innovation partners are sufficiently similar and geographically close to be able to communicate effectively, but sufficiently different to carry some novel knowledge.

This Thematic University-Business Forum focuses on the Euro-regional perspective for trans-border university-business cooperation under joint strategies of border-regions’ development, for which the ‘Basque Country – Nouvelle Aquitaine Euro-region’ can pose tangible examples of responsible, durable and fruitful partnerships to promote knowledge and innovation ecosystems involving universities, companies, public administration bodies, and society at large.

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Bizkaia Katedra

Euskampus Fundazioa works on defining the Bizkaia Katedra Programme for the Provincial Council of Bizkaia (DFB/BFA). The Bizkaia Katedra Programme was conceived as a set of DFB/BFA programmes with the aim of enabling universities and other knowledge centres both from Bizkaia and from abroad to contribute in a decisive, effective, and efficient way to building a better Bizkaia that is more ready to deal with the future; the actions should preferably focus on six sectors identified as priority areas (automotive, energy, aeronautics, silver economy, big data and the Bilbao financial hub). In essence, Bizkaia Katedra is a way of setting up a strategic relationship between the DFB/BFA and universities and knowledge centres with the goal of activating and aligning higher education, scientific-technological, and innovation capabilities in Bizkaia for the priority economic sectors.

The design and launch of the first Bizkaia-BBK Programme call for applications in October 2017 became the first major milestone of the Bizkaia Katedra Programme. This innovative initiative in collaboration with the BBK Foundation is aimed at training young people in world-renowned centres, prior to joining one of the leading companies in Bizkaia under a quality labour contract.

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BBK Saretuz

BBK Saretuz is a grant programme for employees from social and cultural institutions that strives to promote, create, and retain talent in Bizkaia. Its objective is to contribute to the maximisation of their social and cultural impact and strengthen the networks of our social and cultural institutions, as well as the social and community economy in the territory, with the ultimate goal of diversifying the activity and increasing competitiveness.

For this purpose, a series of cross-cutting challenges have been identified in our social and cultural institutions in which the following training is being carried out:

  • Diversification of financing sources
  • Management and communication of the social impact of programmes
  • Digital transformation
  • Good governance and transparency. Compliance with regulations and internal controls