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Open call for LTC SAREA: an opportunity for research groups in the Basque Country and Bordeaux

LTC Sarea call is open. LTC Sarea is a programme to support the internationalisation, improve scientific excellence and promote the connection with the region of the Laboratories for Trans-border Cooperation (LTCs), managed by Euskampus Fundazioa and funded by the Deputy Ministry for Universities and Research of the Basque Government’s Department of Education.


Each LTC is created with the support of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) and the University of Bordeaux (UB), which launch a call every year to select a laboratory, through Euskampus Fundazioa. LTCs benefit from financial support and hire one pre-doctoral researcher and one post-doctoral research for four years. This initial boost helps to strengthen collaboration ties within the framework of each LTC in the Basque Country-New Aquitaine Euroregion area.

The great achievement resulting from this initial funding has been the development of a network of scientific collaboration between the groups in both regions, which are, in many cases, at a key point in making the decisive leap towards opening up beyond the Euroregion context and the deployment of larger projects internationally, as well as contributing to the regional development of the Basque Country and New Aquitaine. This where LTC Sarea programme comes in, promoting laboratories so they consolidate their international positioning, produce excellent results and develop stronger ties with the region.

In addition, groups that have already had some cross-border collaborative experience but need a further boost to reach the previous history of collaboration required to be able to apply for future LTC calls are given an opportunity by LTC Sarea through the so-called LTC Incubators.


The LTC Sarea programme is an opportunity for research groups from Basque Country and Bordeaux with a previous history of collaboration and a shared future research agenda. Research groups that are part of any of the already existing Laboratories for Trans-border Cooperation (LTCs), or are interested in creating one in the future, can now submit their proposals for the LTC Sarea 2023-2024 to one of the following two ways:

  • Existing LTC LTC
  • LTC Sarea 2023-2024 grant LTC Incubator

The beneficiaries will be entities to which the groups and researchers affiliated to the LTC or, where appropriate, LTC conversion project (LTC incubator) belong.

The LTC Incubator grant can only be applied for twice.

The terms of the call are available HERE.

For more information and to submit applications before 08/08/2023, contact Euskampus Fundazioa through the address of contact@ltcsarea.eu.

More information at LTC Sarea web page.

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