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Results of the "Euskampus Missions 1.0" 2021 Programme call for proposals

The 9 selected projects demonstrate the degree of complementarity between research groups of the Euskampus trustees, which are committed to developing joint responses to achieve more resilient societies and promote the sustainability and recovery of the oceans.


The range of projects submitted to the "Euskampus Missions 1.0" 2021 Programme includes a variety of initiatives: search for alternatives to prevent the dumping and accumulation of waste from fishing activities in marine ecosystems with the consequent environmental impact, improvement of the design of floating wind turbines, which are oversized and subject to high loads due to their strong interaction, and research into robotic technologies that facilitate the circular economy. A varied range of lines of research with many solutions to orchestrate joint responses to major challenges.

The Euskampus Missions programmes were created with the aim of generating a network of research, training and innovation capacities that allow specific missions to be defined in certain mission areas. To this end, different types of initiatives will be activated, including, for example, the Missions 1.0 Programme. 

In addition to providing funding for the projects, Euskampus will work with this network in the design and implementation of a working methodology based on challenges and aimed at maximising the potential impact

With this call for projects, Missions 1.0 aimed to activate innovative projects, both in terms of their research purpose and their methodology and interdisciplinary and systemic approach, with the objective of promoting more resilient societies and the sustainability and recovery of the oceans. 

The level of collaboration between Euskampus entities has been very satisfactory. The areas of knowledge to which the research groups belong are as follows:

  • Experimental Sciences
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Social and Legal Sciences

Among the disciplines covered by the projects, we find a wide spectrum ranging from Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Circular Economy, Renewable Energies in the marine environment, or Climate Change Adaptation and Opportunities, to name a few.

The organisations collaborating in Euskampus have made funds of €115,000 available to foster cooperation through a co-funding scheme for the development of these projects. Many of them have additional means of funding and they all aspire to obtain further financial support from other programmes (Basque, national and European) to continue advancing along the proposed lines of research.

Access to the full text of the call for proposals.




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