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UPV/EHU + Université de Bordeaux, on the road to the renewal of the strategic alliance

Working meeting between the UPV/EHU and the Université de Bordeaux rectoral teams in pursuit of renewing the strategic alliance Euskampus Bordeaux.


On Friday 23rd September, the first working meeting of the UPV/EHU and the Université de Bordeaux rectoral teams since the change in the presidential team at the UPV/EHU in the first quarter of the year, was held in Bidart (Iparralde).

In addition to enabling the teams to get to know each other and to share the situation of the Euskampus - Bordeaux Alliance, this meeting initiated the process of strategic reflection that will lead to a new Framework Agreement between the two universities, to be signed by the summer of 2023.

Through a participatory workshop, and as a first step in this process, the rectoral teams outlined the main priorities and challenges for each of the main axes of the cross-border campus: 1) training, students, employability, 2) research and innovation, 3) territorial commitment and transfer, 4) joint internationalisation, 5) governance, communication, stimulation.

At the close of the meeting, Eva Ferreira, Rector of the UPV/EHU, highlighted three pillars that underpin the hallmark of this Alliance: Europe, community and culture. She also stressed the importance of continuing to capitalise on and raise awareness of the Alliance’s achievements - safeguarding its identity and its driving role - in the different environments in which the UPV/EHU and the UB participate. On this occasion, special emphasis was placed on the ENLIGHT European University, a major international institutional transformation project in which they are involved, along with another 7 universities.

After acknowledging the valuable proposals made by the rectoral teams in this participative session, Dean Lewis, President of the University of Bordeaux, insisted on the need to use the current balance of the Euskampus Bordeaux Alliance to achieve new objectives, prioritising having more students in the community who are actively and continuously participating in the Cross-Border Campus.

Finally, the participants arranged to meet on 21st and 22nd November in Bordeaux for the next Euskampus Bordeaux Eguna, the annual meeting of the Euskampus Bordeaux community, whose programme was presented by the Euskampus Fundazioa team.

Within this framework, a collective workshop "The Euskampus Bordeaux campus in 2030" will be organised in order to continue gathering the contributions of all the components of the Euskampus Bordeaux community that will feed the new framework agreement.

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