Missions 1.0

Missions 1.0

The COVID-19 post-pandemic period requires joint forces to move towards more resilient, sustainable and equitable societies.


This global challenge involves jointly tackling a range of scientific, technological, economic, social and political challenges that require complex cooperative responses.

Post COVID-19 Europe will be greener, more digital, more resilient and better adapted to current and future challenges in so far as we make it our aim to add value in this direction. The complexity of these challenges requires joint actions to be fostered, using innovative approaches that go beyond disciplinary dynamics and focus on offering specific solutions to certain problems, while crating new opportunities to create a better world.

In the current scenario, Euskampus Fundazioa is launching the "Euskampus Missions 1.0" 2021 Programme to support and catalyse collaborative projects between its trustees and others that provide complementary capacities. Said projects have a high potential for scientific, technological, economic and social impact and are aimed at specific challenges related to the capacity to evolve towards more resilient, equitable and sustainable societies, and to promote the sustainability and recovery of the oceans.

Following the first experience with the Euskampus COVID-19 Resilience programme launched in 2020, which already pointed in this direction, the “Euskampus Missions 1.0” 2021 Programme aims to align research, innovation and training capacities with the social and political priorities in the local, European and global context (RIS3, Green Deal, Digital Era, SDGs) to foster more resilient societies and the sustainability and recovery of oceans. More specifically, the choice of these themes seeks to promote the participation of all of the research groups and teaching staff, including those from the field of social and human sciences which, in collaboration with groups from other disciplines, put forward innovative projects from the point of view of their research purpose and the interdisciplinary and systematic methodology and approach.

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  • Each project shall require the participation of at least two research groups from any Euskampus Institution (UPV/EHU, Tecnalia, DIPC or the University of Bordeaux).
  • Project leadership will be undertaken by two Euskampus Institutions.
  • Euskampus Institutions will be the direct beneficiaries, exclusively, although other partner institutions may participate in the project as long as they are part of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation System (SVCTI) and/or come from New Aquitaine.
  • The projects must clearly identify a challenge that they will respond to and its possible social impact.
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